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Close-up Illusions (The book)
Gary Ouellet

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Close-up Illusions (The book)
Gary Ouellet

This far reaching and influential work contains many magical masterpieces including Gary's Touch Force, his Paradise Counts, his remarkable work on the Kosky change, some unbelievable coin concepts, as well as many essays on the real work.

No one who loves close up magic should be without this classic book, now in its third printing. Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this book raised the bar on what a good magic book should be.

From easy to master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close Up Illusions was quietly introduced in the early 80's and went on to become a cherished collector's reference work. Now Gary Ouellet's genius is once again available to the magic fraternity.

More importantly, it explains the philosophy behind close up magic, from the man who was selected as one of the century's 100 most influential magicians by MAGIC Magazine.

Thirty two chapters of original, powerful magic •
Hardbound, 350 pages, with over 470 photographs. full color dustjacket, printed in 12 point font • stunning routines, quick foolers and incredible new sleights • treasure trove of essential tips, hints and advice on close-up magic •unparalleled essays on close-up theatre, originality in magic, the art of giving a speech on close-up and the lecture game • ground-breaking material with cards, thimbles, sponge balls, dice, coins, glasses and more • Years in the making • a thrilling book on the art of magic for beginners and experts alike.

From the acclaimed author of the Masters of Magic series, consultant for David Copperfield, and the star of over two dozen teaching videotapes comes a remarkable collection of innovative, theatrical close-up magic, taught in the clear and entertaining manner for which Gary Ouellet has become so well known! Close-Up Illusions is a classic, vast in its scope, incisive in its advice, exciting in its concepts, fabulous in its magic. Some of the new concepts include:

FLASH DECK: An instant, bare-handed production of a full deck of cards!
THE GOSSAMER DISSOLVE: A beautiful four coin vanish, and Gary's heretofore unpublished finale to "The Silver Passage"!
DREAM GLASS: A stunning impromptu glass suspension.
MANEATER: A direct, commercial and astounding version of The Cannibal Cards!
THE PUSH-PINCH SPONGE BALL VANISH: You must see it to believe it!
THE TOUCH FORCE: This caused a sensation when it was first released in Genii magazine!
THE SILVERDUST ROUTINE: A dazzling one coin routine featuring the eye-popping Toss Change!
NETHERWORLD: An impromptu, no sleight version of Out of this World that Gary has been sitting on for 20 years!
And much, much, much more!
MUM Magazine called it "The close-up magic book of the year, maybe several years!"

Peter Reveen said "This book is incredible... the best you have ever done!"
And Harry Lorayne said "Buy it!"

Also look for the Close-Up Illusions companion DVD video for this book our item VC-001 availlable as DVD multi-regions encoding.


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