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Close Up Assassin - Book and Video DVD
Richard Sanders

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Close Up Assassin - Book & Video DVD
Richard Sanders

For 20 years, he has quietly forged a reputation in magic's underground, publishing only sporadically in such respected magazines as The Magical Arts Journal, New Directions, Genii, The Magic Menu and France's Arcane. Now, for the first time ever, he reveals some of his most cherished secrets...

TRIDENT SUGARLESS BILL: The magician gives a spectator a sealed pack of gum, compliments of the establishment. Later on during the show, a $20 dollar bill is borrowed, folded into a tiny bundle, then enclosed in the magician's fist. Upon opening his fist, the bill is seen the have changed into a piece of gum! The spectator breaks the seal on the pack of gum in his possession and removes the first piece. Upon unwrapping it, it is seen to be his very own bill! BEHIND MY BACK: The magician turns his back to the audience, then holds a deck of cards behind him, such that someone can peek at a card without his seeing. They do so, whereupon he snaps his fingers, then spreads through the deck (still behind his back!), showing the selected card to have vanished! He turns around slowly, revealing it to be stuck to his forehead!
SOUR DOUGH: A small, green silk is rolled into a ball, and in the blink of an eye, it changes into a fresh lime! The lime is then tossed out into the audience, whereupon the magician borrows a bill of any denomination. The bill is signed, then promptly vanishes at the magicians fingertips! Taking the lime back from the audience, he cuts it in half, showing the signed, borrowed bill to be stuck inside! MY CUPPED HANDS RUNNETH OVER: 4 (and only 4!) ungimmicked coins travel one by one from the magician's hands to a spectator's, with the last coin travelling in an impossible manner right through her closed fist!And so much more! LIME RICHIE, SKINNY KRESKIN, TRICK PHOTOGRAPHY II, etc... 10 full-scale, devastating new routines from one of Canada's top performers, plus dynamic new techniques and cunning gimmicks designed for real-world use. Set include a DVD video and a book of 84 pages, written by David Acer and lavishly photo-illustrated with over 160 photographs. Plus included is a professionally produced companion video featuring performances of all the material in the book, and, as a bonus, Richard's beautiful handling for The Belanger Cigarette Thru Quarter, as well as performances of his best-selling tricks "Three Ropes and a Baby" and "Picture This".

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