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Merlinpinpin, the family magical entertainer

Just think of all the fun Merlinpinpin could bring to your party! Upon his arrival, the children's attention will be grabbed immediately by his colorful costume and accessories. They'll be laughing even before the start of the show! Then one child after another is chosen to assist the magician and the miracles begin! Things vanish and appear, change color, float and transform.

Most importantly, however, despite the incredible magic, Merlinpinpin believes that the children should be the stars of the show! The grand finale involves the whole group, and one special child, as a regular balloon changes into A LIVE RABBIT! Guy Camirand believes that his show should enhance the self-esteem of all the children involved. This is why all embarrassing situations are avoided, and each child comes away feeling happy and special. Building on his ability to communicate with children, Guy created Merlinpinpin, a character that is suited to children from 3 to 12 years old. However, this show will amaze and entertain adults as well, because fun is contagious! A Merlinpinpin show will be most welcome at any type of party, in your home, on your lawn, at a school or in a church. Many show options are offered and they can meet the request of children anniversaries for 3 years and more. Specials program are available for kindergarten, day camps, festivals and schools. They include thematic shows for educational purposes such as self-esteem, safety, drug alert, and protection of our environment.

Guy Camirand has retired from performing June 2017


A few comments from clients

We observed that Guy Camirand was not only a clever magician but is also a natural clown.

Furthermore we could feel how much this artist had polish the educational and ecological content of his presentations.

Jean-jacques Couillard, director, ?cole la Roseraie

While celebrating the tenth anniversary of our magazine Enfants Qu?bec at the Bell Amphitheater, your stage shows created a warn atmosphere; the children were charmed and the parent conquered by the high level of educational content of your presentations.

Annick Provencher, directrice du Marketing

You succeed to captivate the attention of the students by your dynamic show style and your magic tricks.

Mme Lise Guindon, Directrice, École Marie-Victorin

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