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Guy Camirand

Click here to read an interview reproduced from the Harvard Business School Bulletin

Guy Camirand

Guy Camirand has retired from performing magic June 2012

For more than 40 years, magic has been a passion for Guy Camirand, an electronic engineer from Laval University (Class of '67), and a Harvard MBA (Class of 1970). In 1978, he began The Camirand Academy of Magic, a publishing house for magic tricks and books that has gained international acclaim. In 1991, what was to be a part-time business became a full-time occupation.

Guy Camirand offers a very unique style of magic. He uses mostly common objects whether performing close-up or on stage, he brings people together with the power of baffling sleight of hand illusions.

Beneath his proper professorial appearance lies a playful demeanor that encourages people to laugh and join in on the fun. In Guy's hands, magic is a strong communication tool for teaching, publicity and commercial events.

Born in Three-Rivers, Québec, of bilingual parents, he first became interested in magic a the age of eight. Pursuing it as a hobby, and occasionally as a means of support through University, he graduated from Laval as an electronic engineer and later from Harvard Business School with an MBA and went on to become a full-time engineer and business consultant for many years.

Still, he could not shake the magic bug. In 1979 he establish The Camirand Academy of Magic inc., which has gone on to become one of the world's foremost magic publishers and manufacturers. The Academy produces original material that is used by professional magicians around the world, including several of Guy's own innovations.

Beyond that, in 1981 The Academy designed a course for magicians that has been taught successfully for years in both Quebec and Montreal. The course, like Mr. Camirand, emphasizes entertainment above all else, and techniques that are well suited to television, restaurants, cocktail parties, banquet, golf tournament, trade shows, and corporate events of all kinds.

As an inventor, a teacher, and a professional performer, Guy Camirand uses magic to add fun and entertainment to a wide variety of events, whether for children or adults.

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